James Stewart launches own brand of gear "seven"

» Friday, 04 January 2013 09:46

James Stewart has been through some troubled times of late. He's been through a number of teams over the past few seasons, starred in his own reality TV show, arrested for impersonating a police officer, rode blisteringly fast, but also seemed to crash more then he kept the bike on two wheels.

With such up and down seasons, many wondered how long he would hang onto his list of big time sponsors. Red Bull and Nike have stuck by the troubled rider, but there was rumours recently that his riding gear supplier Answer Racing were looking to sevre their ties. Well, it all became official yesterday as James launched Seven MX in conjuction with motorcyling icon Troy Lee in a partnership that could prove to be very succesful. The departing from Answer is big news in itself as the brand was really spearheaded by James and they built their complete relaunch around him after poaching him from the Fox family some years ago.

Nevertheless, James will do what James does. He'll take to the track tomorrow night in Anaheim in the all new gear, with some cool designs and technical features. We hope for Seven and TLD's sake that James can keep it on two wheels this year and show us the speed we all know he's capable of. But, if he doesn't and he crashes out again, then it could be a petty quiet year for the all-new brand.

Check out the video with James and Troy below and let us know what you think of the gear in the comment section below.