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» Wednesday, 16 January 2013 10:31

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Catching up with the Dirt Bike Kid – Jeremy Twitch Stenberg

By the Dillaway brothers

Those with a keen eye will have noticed Dirt Bike Kidz... and are probably wondering what it is and what's it all about. You'll have seen Dirt Bike Kidz on the jerseys of Twitch and Josh Hansen, as stickers on their bikes and as hashtags on their social media posts. Freerider MX caught up with Twitch at his home on the MDP Block in Southern California to get the low-down on Dirt Bike Kidz and find out what the freestyle legend has been up to.

Freerider: Hey mate, what you been up to?
Twitch: Just living on the (MDP) Block and riding. I've got Maddo, Link and Hansen as neighbors. I've got everyone here to ride with everyday so I've just been having fun riding. I've also been really busy trying to get my new company Dirt Bike Kidz off the ground. I'm waiting for all that stuff to come out. I've just been having fun, I don't really have to ride contests anymore so I've just been having a lot of fun riding my bike. We've been getting a lot of rain so I've been out there shoveling, getting ready to film my next movie.

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Tell us about Dirt Bike Kidz
I look at it as I can't ride a dirt bike forever so I need something to do so I started to make Dirt Bike Kidz into a company. Pretty soon we'll be coming out with a whole clothing line and gear line, and a couple of tours. It should be good, I'm looking forward to it. The future is looking bright for DBK.

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Who is making it?
Famous is licensing it for me and I got a gear company that's going to license it for me. It's already blowing up big and all we got is stickers right now. For me it's cool, I've been putting in the work and promoting it and doing what I need to do on my behalf. I'm pumped to have something of mine and something I can look back on.

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Your competing less, but it seems you're riding more than ever?
Now that I'm not competing I'm riding more than ever because I'm having fun. I don't have to work my ass off to go and learn new shit, I can just go ride. It's fun getting everyone together like we did with Hart, Bilko and Lance Coury the other day. It's funner to ride now there's no pressure.

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We noticed you don't even have grab holes anymore
I have my bike all set up like freestyle but I've got no grab holes. I have flip levers, I do all my regular upside tricks and flips and some whips and just have fun. I have been having more fun than ever just riding.

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