5 Minutes with Tyrone Gilks

» Wednesday, 20 February 2013 17:29


All pics Sergio Guiducci

After a flying trip to the USA, Tyrone Gilks has come back with a new look, new sponsor and one hell of a smile. After recently signing with a new manager, he flew stateside to spend some time with him and get some ride time with the best in the business. The lucky bugger got to ride the iconic Jackpot Ranch too! 

The US of A mate... how was it?
It was wild. I definitely didn't want to come home and I can't wait to go back.

Where were you based while you were there?
I was in SoCal. I stayed with my new manager Lucas at this place in Irvine. It's a good spot and only about 1,5 hours North of Temecula and places like Jackpot Ranch and Danimals Domain were only a few hours North, so it was pretty central to all the riding spots.

TyroneGilks CliffHanger Seq-1
Decked in his new Fox gear, Tyrone waisted little time in showing the US guys what he's got. 

How was Jackpot Ranch? It's one of those super cool freeride spots you dream of riding...
Jackpot was insane! I remember it from watching Red Bull Ride To The Hills back in the day and have wanted to ride their ever since. It was an experience to say the least. I got the adrenaline pumping and had a bit of a crash and definitely scared myself.

Word on the street is that you pulled a big flip too?
Yeah, I flipped two. The first one didn't go so well. It was a left hip and I ended up flipping to the right and got sent cartwheeling. I ended up flipping the 140-footer a few times which was really fun. That's my biggest flip yet, so I was pretty stoked about that one.

Tye's massive 140 foot flip at Jackpot. 

You got to ride with some new crew too huh?
Yeah, I did a fair bit of riding with David Rinaldo from France. The kid absolutely kills it! He's got a super explosive style and it was cool to ride with him. I got a few rides in at Jimmy Fitzpatrick's place and he's a super nice dude too. I tried to do more natural riding than anything. We've got plenty of ramps at home, so I stayed away from those where I could... I didn't travel 13 hours on a plane to ride the same thing I do at home (laughs).

You've come back with a bit of a new look mate.. You signed some new deals over there and re-signed some old ones? Let's talk about the Fox deal first.
Yeah, Lucas has definitely been doing his job for me, that's for sure. I've signed with Fox for this year, which I'm really stoked about. I'm head to toe in riding gear with them and it's the best gear in the game. I love the new Instinct boots and the V4 is keeping my head safe and warm and I couldn't be happier really. I was so stoked when I got there and they'd printed my name on the back of the jerseys!

TyronGilks DeadBody JPRanch-1
Don't let the Rockstar logos fool you, it's not a new deal for Tyrone. He was borrowing fellow Aussie Rob Adelberg's US steed. Lucas Mirtl manages both riders and had Rob's bike sitting there for Tyrone to ride. 

And you've re-signed with JC Clothing... but it goes a little deeper than that yeah?
For sure. I'm so stoked to be with JC again. The end of 2012 was pretty full on for me with a few offers coming in and I'd never had that before, so I was a little overwhelmed. The JC guys came through with an awesome deal though and I really like being a part of their team. Their like a family to me and I didn't want to bail on them for the first offer that came through. They gave me my break and I've got so much respect for them.
On top of that, through Yamaha, JC has hooked me up two FMX bikes for the year plus I get to wear their clothes and ride in their shows when I can.

You're just about to jump on a plane to Farm Jam. You took it out last year, hoping to do the same thing this year?
(laughs) Yeah, I've been back from the US less that 20 hours and about to hop right on a plane again. I'm looking forward to getting over there again though and seeing everyone and having some fun on the big green hills. Who knows, I might shave some sheep too (laughs). I'm not going over there to chase a win so much, but more show everyone how my riding has improved in the last 12 months, but hey, a win would be a great start to the year.