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Maddo and Tyrone's story on Sunday Night on Channel 7 - Your thoughts?

» Monday, 20 May 2013 10:42


First off, if you missed the story, watch it HERE It's a tough one to watch, but well worth having a look. 

OK, so where do we stand? Well, the story isn't what we'd call a 'hatchett job' on FMX or the riders involved, in our opinion. They tried to paint the picture that FMX is a dangerous and deadly sport and tried to push a little of that heat Maddo's way. BUT, you know what, FMX is dangerous. We all know that and we know it when we get into it. It's our choice to ride, our choice as to how far we want to push it. Maddo handled himself like the consumate professional he has become and answered the questions in an honest and straight forward manner. He's not responsible for other riders decisions, but he is at the forefront, and has been for a long time, to see what makes the sport dangerous in particular areas. His comment about the promoters is one that will no doubt ruffle a few feathers, but maybe that's not such a bad thing. There are smaller shows and inexperienced riders performing on set-ups that aren't what you'd call satisfactory, and this can have severe outcomes. Good on Maddo for saying something about it and its thoughts that many a rider has expressed over the years. Sure, there's going to be ways to make things safer, but it's going to take a collective movement from all involved to make this happen, and still, when and if that does happen, at the end of the day, there are still going to be risks involved. This sport is dangerous and always will be to some extent. Maybe, just maybe, someone out there in the big old world has a brilliant idea that can drastically improve the saftey of our sport that has never known about it till seeing this story.. if so, this is the biggest possilbe exposure-vessel that we could hope for such a thing. 

The Tyrone footage was both hard to watch, but also brought a smile to our face. The strength his family has is astonishing. We've seen it in the story we put together for next issue and everyone got to see it last night. To go through what they've been through has to be one of the toughest things anyone could ever face, but they hold their heads high and remember Tyrone for the amazing person he was. We cant thank them enough for being so strong and allowing us to share with them through a time when it would be so easy to shut out the rest of the world. Its easy to see why Tyrone was such a rad kid, he had an incredible family. 

Sure, the story may have been controversial and there's points we'll all agree with and disagree with. The fact that it showed how dangerous FMX can be to the mainstream shouldn't be considered a bad thing. It's a warning everyone should take on board before they try the sport. If they respect this, it may help them to make more calculated risks. Learn the neccessary skills, take the time to progress at your own rate and become a safer rider. There's an element of danger in everything we do, but learning how to control it somewhat is always going to help. Learning to respect the fear, the challenge and the danger is going to go a long way to a safer and more productive riding career. 

We thank Maddo, Jacko and the Gilks family for speaking out. What you've done takes an immense amount of courage and should only be seen in a good light. 

RIP to all the fallen riders. May your memories remain with us for eternity. 

There was some fantastic comments on our Facebook page about the story and we've included some of the comments below... Feel free to have your say in the comment section below too. 

Cameron Sinclair "Very sad mate. Makes me think what to do.... But I love riding bikes."

Mark Monea "It was hard to watch. But as Cameron Sinclair said I love riding my bike and for me there isn't a place in the world that makes me happy like riding does."

Matt Hutchinson "I actually thought the story was put together reasonably well. I was afraid that it was going to be really biased but 'Sunday' seemed to do a relatively good job with the editing and it was a great tribute to Tyrone and how amazingly strong his family is.

Those that are rubbishing the reporter, you've got to think about who would normally watch that show. People that don't ride/aren't involved with extreme sports don't understand why people do it and it's the reporters job to ask the questions/give the opinion that they think their audiences would. Robbie responded to the criticism pretty damn well though, good on him for doing the interview I thought.

RIP 777"

Daniel Valente "It was a well put together story, we all know the risks but the boundies seem to be pushed to far too quickly going from the foam pit to dirt theirs no margin from error now with thomas pages pushing it even futher I hope theirs not even more injuries with people trying to play caught up."

Joshua Costin "was good but the mainstream public will never understand what goes through these athletes heads and the drive they have to put their bodies on the line time and time again, was a good insight but the reporter was pushing his agenda that the sport needs to pull up, would be good to see promoters keeping an eye out for the safety of the riders but the riders go out there on their own free will (most of the time) and put their lives at risk"