Sound Check - The Daily Chase 'DOOM RIDER' Official Video release

» Monday, 23 November 2015 10:20
The Daily Chase launched the Foundations EP earlier this month and have had an amazing response from their ever-growing fan base. 2015 was a big year for the band, supporting acts such as ‘Confession’, ‘Days of Deceit’, ‘A Ghost Orchestra’ and ‘Feed Her To The Sharks’. 
Doom Rider shoot
The Foundations EP built momentum in the Australian music scene hitting number 4 on the iTunes Metal charts, 18th in the rock charts and 65th over all music charts. Tracks ‘Undying Battle’, ‘Realities’ and ‘Doom Rider’ also sat 2nd, 3rd and 4th on the Triple J Unearthed Metal charts. 
TDC are constantly writing new material and the band members are looking to record a full length album in late 2016. But for now they will be organising a South Coast Foundations EP tour, so stay tuned!
Triple J Unearthed reviews
“Such a good combination of drums, guitars and quality vocals!!
"Love it, everything comes together so well with this band. Stoked for these lads and their first EP.
“These guys sound sick, I haven't come across anything in this genre that cuts through like this does. I hope to see The Daily Chase tour loads and rise to the top of the Australian heavy music scene.
"For a genre I generally find myself repulsed by I'm oddly and consciously tapping a toe or strumming on an air guitar. Drums are punchy and I can only assume being performed LIVE would give one a real sense of punching through your chest… Them LIVE feels! The guitarists puts out an eclectic happy vibe and finally a singer I can understand what they are actually singing. Such a big voice…”