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» Thursday, 14 May 2015 10:12

Adelaide band ‘Days of Deceit’ are the perfect splice of Metal and Hardcore music. A perfect arrangement of bouncy riffs and off time breakdowns which keeps their songs interesting the whole way through. Laced with throaty hardcore vocals, their sound is a recipe for a gnarly mosh pit. I first heard of Days of Deceit when they invited my band ‘The Daily chase’ on their regional South Australian tour in 2014. We were all blown away by their energetic live show which was filled with crowd surfing and mic grab sing alongs. Not forgetting the abundance of pool noodle toys and blow up sharks getting thrown around the pit!

I caught up with the vocalist and all round good guy Jarrod Schilling for a chat about the band.

So when and how did you guys come together as a band? 

Ok, so I knew Braden when we spent a few years together growing up in Port Lincoln. He was this guitar freak that I'd always pester to play Sweet Home Alabama or something cool like that. Besides that we didn't know each other before this stated. Braden just hit me up once I moved to Adelaide and said he wanted to start something and I'd previously been in bands. The first jam was me, Braden and Luke and from there Tristan came not long after and Northy (who is a long time mate of mine) only about a year ago!

How would you describe your band and your sound?

Our band in a nutshell is really first and foremost about fun. We never get caught up in egos and that sort of thing. We are all about enjoying the ride, which you can instantly tell when meeting any of us. We are incredibly driven to take this band to as many places as possible and to see as many new places as we can! That is where we really get enjoyment out of all our hard work.
In terms of sound I'd say it's just an amalgamation of all our broadest interests whatever the genre. I guess we kinda have a more metal sound but a hardcore attitude in terms of the feeling and emotion behind the songs.

Are there bands you look up to and inspire you? 

From locals to internationals we look up to anyone that's down to earth and having a good time. Anyone pushing the boundaries and putting in the hard yards inspires us. 

Can you run me through your song writing process and does everyone get involved? 

It generally begins with one of us coming up with some type of
guitar part or multiple guitar parts. We are all, always writing on guitar pro trying new things and sending them around to each other and then from there we build drums, bass, vocals. It's very open we all write and chop and change stuff instrumentally 


Tell me about your EP 'Lightmares', the recording process and the film clip for the title track. 

So basically Lightmares is a first person view into what I believe is the real battle. 'Lightmares' are essentially your real life nightmares. It's written about daily life after certain things that have happened in my life that I now have to live with and essentially is my emotional release of everything I keep inside. The film clip correlates to this switching between the daylight real world and then the dark emptiness which is portraying being in his head. But basically we just wanted a reason to go nuts in my house!
The EP was recorded, mixed and mastered at Desolate Recordings with Brad Stewart who is an absolute gem and we would highly recommend to anyone!  

How often do you guys tour and where too? 

We tour as much as possible! We recently just got back from WA which was so much fun!

Do you have any cool traveling stories? 

There are seriously so many! Hmm of the stories I'm actually allowed to say probably one of the funniest was sleeping in a shitty half-made tent in a country town on our first tour and we can't find Braden at 4am. After hours searching in the morning we are supposed to play. We were sure he had been swept out to sea, turns out he was blind drunk showering in ALL his clothes and proceed to stumble back and fall into the tent and spew.
Honestly 10 minutes of us being together usually results in some kind of hilarious catastrophe.

Run me through the action from your live shows. You seem to always bring a few foreign objects (pool toys) to the party. 

Playing live is everything to us. Releasing emotion, that live energy and just in general going nuts is what we have become know for. Ha-ha yeah we love bringing those extra elements; anything to rape up the experience even more! Who doesn't love a blow up toy or two.... Don't we all?...

What is the funnest, most memorable gig you have ever played? 

There are so many that we could put here. Funny stuff is happening every show 
But I think memorable was playing Port Lincoln last year. This was the place we played our first ever show and to come back I think for the third time after 'Lightmares' dropped to see hundreds of people pack the venue to the rafters. And have guys flying of tables, the bar, the ceiling and having crowd surfing so high we thought they'd hit the roof. It really showed us how far we have come as a band. 

Where to from here? What plans have you got for the future? 

To keep touring first up! The East Coast is not to far away. We've also got some sweet new stuff to look out for at our next shows and some new songs out soon. But most importantly to keep loving the journey and take nothing for granted.

Thanks for the chat man!

Thanks dude! And thank you to anyone who supports us or live music in general! You guys are the coolest!
Oh and check out The Daily Chase! Or else…

‘Days of Deceit’ Members- 

Guitar- Braden Snider
Guitar- Tristan Brak
Drums- Luke Bent
cals- Jarrod Schilling
Bass- Alex North

Check out The debut EP -‘Lightmares’ OUT NOW! 

Instagram: daysofdeceit


Words - Ben Heidrich

Images - Alexander Mathew/Ben Heidrich