Sound Check with EMECIA

» Monday, 08 December 2014 05:07

It seems there is an abundance of musical talent pouring out of South Australia right now. We checked in with Emecia front man, Scott Mddlin just after the release of their first offical music video, Quasar. 

Scott Middlin

So tell us how the band came to be?

It had been a while since I’d been touring. I find it’s like a drug, highly addictive. Other bands I’ve been a part of were all with friends and they never worked out. I found these guys (the new band members) through friends they came highly recommended. I’d met a few of them before and I asked them all if they wanted to start a new band and that was pretty much it. Adam wasn’t even in the same state at the time but he was really into it. Since then we haven’t stopped moving forward!

What inspired your sound and which bands inspire you to make music?

We’re all into different styles of music. We just love making music and having fun doing it. I guess our sound represents the way we feel at the time of creation. Creating a new piece of music is an expression of that exact moment for us. We are all big fans of Letlive, ETID and 30 Seconds to Mars so I wouldn’t be surprised if you get some vibes from those bands in our tunes. In a review of our EP we got a mention of Norma Jean – Redeemer feel which is a massive compliment!

Music and moto go hand in hand, do any of you guys ride or do any action sports?

Yeah a couple of us ride, I’m personally into Café Racers which I use to get around town. And our drummer Paarth rides his CBR250 everywhere. As for FMX style stuff we leave that to the Mob County boys.


Anyone I have ever known in a band say that it’s a hell of a lot of work so how have you found it since you guys first started out?

Since day once I’ve pretty much run the show; booking shows, designing merchandise, photo shoots, press, you name it I took care of it. I’m not the type of person that will wait for things to happen. I jump on any opportunity we can get! Recently, I’ve had help for some friends that have dedicated their spare time to our band. Taking the workload off me so I can just play a show. Josh is our new merch guy and sells stuff for us on the road, which is a massive help. Our other team member is Alex, he makes sure everything that needs to be done gets done, on tour and in the shadows. Having those two around make things so much easier, I don’t think I could go back to not having them around. Thanks guys.

We’ve seen your first demo music video just launched; tell us a bit about how that went down and the process behind it?

I moved house over a year ago and at the end of this street was this massive abandoned old folks home. I use to walk past it every day and stared at it. I just knew I had to go in and check it out. One day I did, it gave off such a creepy vibe I knew the band had to use it for something! I showed them some pics I took with my phone and we all knew that was the place for our new video. We wanted this video to stand out and really make viewers want to keep watching it over and over, so we had some crazy fire scenes at the end which took the video to a whole new level. Whilst filming the fire scenes a few of us almost passed out dude to no ventilation, it was crazy.

So where to from here, what are the goals for the band?

At the moment we’re working towards our first full-length album and tearing up the stage with some bigger acts next year such as Chiodos. We also have an amazing opportunity to head over to USA, our friend Abigail Boss is helping us raise money on her site to get us there!                                                 Check it out at:


How do the fans get hold of your music and where can they see you guys play?

Our EP “Pariah” is available pretty much everywhere online from iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, band camp etc.  We’re current doing our Quasar Tour around regional SA, the next shows are in Port Pirie and Port Lincoln. Next year we’re supporting Chiodos which will be huge. If you’re around any shows feel free to wreak some havoc!

Lastly, have you any shout outs to anyone that has helped out along the way? 

Ben Heidrich for sure, he’s sort of being our right hand man and helped us along the way with media press shots, our music video and just a gnarly dude to party with.

Emecia are: 

- Scott Middlin,

- Adam Donohue,

- Ethan Gill

- Paarth Sharma




Images courtesy of: Ben Heidrich

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