How To Apply Your Graphics Kit

» Tuesday, 24 November 2015 17:34

We all know that installing a new graphics kit on your bike can be a frustrating task. We teamed up with Ryobi Tools and Rival Ink Design Co. to put together a "How To" video showing you the best way to apply your new kit, getting it to fit just right without any bubbles or creases and setting it in place using a heat gun.



Step 1:

You want to start with a nice clean bike so spend some time cleaning off any dust or residue from previous sticker kits using methylated spirits or an alcohol based cleaner. Be sure there is no silicone spray or any other chemicals on the plastics that may cause the adhesives not to stick.

Remove stripLIne up decal








Step 2:

If you are not confident with stickers kits just yet, always start with your front number board as it is fairly flat making it easier and a good place to start.  Leaving the backing intact, line the decal up and ensure you have it in the right place and the edges line up. Then remove a small strip of the backing paper across the top, line the sticker back up and stick the small strip of exposed adhesive down.  Then ensure the rest of the decal is lined up correctly, slowly remove the backing paper and work the graphic down across the surface.

Remove backingFront work to edge








This process is repeated on all panels of the bike taking your time to minimize bubbles and wrinkles and always ensure the bolt holes line up well. These are a good indicator when lining up decals for fitment.


Step 3:

On most dirt bikes, the exhaust side panel is the trickiest. Align the side panels as we did previously on the front plate, taking time to make sure all bolt holes line up.  Once you have stuck the top part of the graphic onto the panel and you start to work your way down, notice the bottom edge starts to bunch up roughly half way down. This is because we are trying to fit a flat graphic to a much more rounded surface.

We are going to need the assistance of our heat gun to help the graphic around the larger curves of the panel.

Gently heat the unstuck lower half of the graphic until it flattens out and becomes more flexible. Then continue to stick the decal down working your way to the edge of the panel. Heat will be your best friend in these tight areas and make the decal much more pliable.

Heating bunched edgeWork to edge








Step 4:

Once all panels are stuck down, go over the entire kit again with your heat gun activating the adhesive. This will also reset the materials plastic memory to the rounded surfaces and it won’t return to its original flat shape. Check that all your edges are stuck down and clean any glue or fingerprints off with a cloth.

Heat set


There you have it, a step-by-step guide to getting your kit on easily and effectively.

Presented by Ryobi Tools.