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FishFingered FMX Park Jam

» Thursday, 19 October 2017 23:07

Words and photos by Leah Milich
Film by Joel Milich/Might Die Productions

We started our morning with a wake-up call in the form of Dyl McDonald crashing around the kitchen making everyone coffee (if you took to long to get up he'd drink it anyway), as we rolled in fairly late the night before we were all trying to get in as much sleep as possible. Once everyone managed to peel themselves out of bed and get ready, we hit the road, the boys were all chomping at the bit to get to Albion Park and get on their bikes. After a not so quick Macca's stop for breakfast and getting lost (who would have thought there was such a difference between Croome Rd and Croome Lane), we finally arrived! 

After catching up with some new and old faces and a briefing with the main man, Bushy, about the days events the boys were ready for practice. First off the line was Patty Bowden, throwing down a backflip on his first jump, this guy does not muck around! Import, Alex Porsing all the way from Denmark, graced us with his insane tricks and hilarious 'Straya' sticker kit, hitting up practice in his Wallabies polo shirt straight from the souvenir shop. His skills behind the bars did not disappoint. 

Denmark's Alex Porsing threw down in style all day.

Pat Bowden's version of taking it easy...

Ash Rogers had travelled all the way from WA with his girlfriend, Lucy, and their trusty sidekick, Cosmo the dawg. The trio have been travelling around the country in a van seeing all the goodness that Australia has to offer. Ash was pulling off the filthiest, most consistent whips of the day. Next we had the little dudes, Tommy and Benny Richards from Wagga, NSW. These two are a force to be reckoned with, the tricks that these guys are pulling off at such a young age is the kind of talent that gets us so excited for the future of riders out there, keeping the flame alive for Aussie FMX. Cory Bozzola made the trip from Yarrawonga, Victoria riding solid to the conditions. Mitch Tripney and Jordan Sprague had made the trek from old Melbourne town with Jord's girlfriend, Brit, along for the ride. Will Schwartz and crew travelled all the way from Mudgee, NSW, the home of Steve Mini. Luke McNeill was fashionably late; rolling in well after practice, but did not disappoint, oozing skills and throwing down the gnarliest whip of the day for the judges in the Best Whip comp.

Then came old McDonald (Dylon McDonald), who was nice enough to have all of us crash at he and his girlfriend Rhi's place for the weekend, running in his brand new YZ250 with a few flips thrown in, on stock suspension. We loaned him a few spark plugs to get him through the day. After practice and a break to have a look around the bike and tattoo show, the first round was ready to kick off but as the boys got ready to shred the wind started to pick up, which made the conditions hazardous and ended up causing a couple of casualties. 

Jordan Sprague and Dyl McDonald keeping some whips close.

Mitch Tripney came up short on his first jump of the demo and went down pretty hard. Not realising he was injured, he straight away attempted to get back on his bike and thats when the pain kicked in, he was left with broken tibia in his left leg and a ride to Wollongong hospital in the back of an ambo. Pat Bowden threw down nice and early with smooth 360 combos and fully extended Cliffhanger Flips, but was left with a sore shoulder after crashing, when his front wheel got blown out from underneath him following a severe gust of wind. Luke McNeill attempted a mini-flip on the downramp and ended up tweaking his leg.

The worst of the wind was passed with some mini-bike action with Brownie, Luke Brookes (Chicken), Ryan Vella and Borgy giving the crowd some solid entertainment. It was a great day filled with killer company and good times. 

A huge thanks to Bushy for organising the event, Fish Fingered FMX, Browns Grafix, Might Die Productions, City Coast Motorcycles, Freestyle Kings and all the other sponsors that jumped on board to make the day a great success.  


Mini FMX best whip: 
1st Luke Brookes 

Best Whip: 
1st Luke McNeil

FF FMX Jam (Rider judged):
1st Alex Porsing
2nd Pat Bowden
3rd Dylon McDonald
4th Ben Richards
5th Jordan Sprague