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Behind the scenes of Jacko's Real Moto

» Saturday, 19 August 2017 01:33

Words and Photos by Grant Cross


I was fortunate enough to head over to the set of Jacko Strong's 2017 XGames Real Moto segment, so when I wasn't swinging off a video camera for master director Benny Heidrich, I grabbed a few stills for our readers to check out once the video went online.
Now, with a Hollywood budget, blowing up a house and jumping over it seems perfectly fathomable. But out on a farm, with an FMX rider's budget, and no experts, it's up to some careful planning and execution. Jacko had the vision, and he designed and built the system to blow the place sky high, as well as doing the stunt himself... Directed, filmed and edited masterfully by Benny. A bit of country Aussie ingenuity. It was a bloody fun evening as it pretty well looks in the video, so have a squiz at the shots we got and enjoy, then head over to XGames Real Moto to watch 'em all and vote on your favourite!


Tom Robinson gets set for lift off, right from the front door.

A few pieces of key machinery on hand.

Party goers watching a ramp session, up close!

Mid-ride break on the verandah, fridge close by, of course.

Zach Hofer's friendly neighbourhood barber shop was open for business...

Jacko enjoying a quiet moment with TopNovil before things got out of hand.

Then the fire started coming out... All trained professionals, thankfully.

There was plenty of two stroke smoke mixed with burning rubber... And who knows what else.

Mission successful!