Willowbank MX Park: First Impressions

» Wednesday, 29 March 2017 22:43


Willowbank Motocross Park
Words by Grant Cross
Photos by Grant Cross/supplied by WillowbankMX


Recently I had a chance to go check out the newest public MX facility in South East Queensland, Willowbank MX. Situated around the corner from the long-standing Ipswich Motorsport Complex, including Queensland Raceway, Willowbank MX rests between active mine sites, and as such will have a nice long life regarding any kind of noise or dust-related issues.

The tracks currently on offer as part of Stage One of the park's development, include a Senior MX track, a Senior Arenacross/Stadiumcross style track, a junior Stadiumcross track and a Peewee track. There is also a pro-level Supercross track tucked in the back corner of the facility for private training use by authorised Supercross riders. 

Due to an error in judgement, I found myself at the track with a bike set up solely for FMX, as such I struggled for traction at first, but as the Stadiumcross track dried a little I found my groove and was soon having a ball cutting laps on the tighter, more jump-focused track. The guys running the park are still playing with soil types on parts of the tracks, some jump faces were holding up well while a couple were blowing out through the day, which added extra challenge. The more time goes on, the more these things will be dialled in and the better all the tracks will become, especially with feedback from the riders, which management welcome for development of the tracks, and for further stages. The tracks were safe and fun, whilst still providing opportunity for progression due to having a harder obstacle to step-up to. There are even some doubles available on each Senior track, which is a nice addition. This is possible thanks to the park's private status, free of affiliation with MQ/MA and their increasingly draconian set of rules and regulations. 

This also means no MA license is required to ride, another bonus. Future additions will include a grass-track, aimed at the growing Vintage MX crowd, and Stage Two of the park will include two more full-size Motocross tracks to complement the existing tracks.  

The owners have invested heavily in the future of the park, including a stable of grooming and maintenance machinery, with a goal of having all tracks groomed and watered every day. Definitely another plus for those of us that prefer a smoother ride! 

Another main feature of WillowbankMX, is its proximity to Brisbane itself. Located on Coopers Road, Ebenezer, WillowbankMX is much closer to riders in Brisbane than many other public riding areas. Also, rider numbers will be limited per day, so you won't have to worry about riding a jam-packed track if you get in early and book a ride online. 

For more information, jump over to www.facebook.com/willowbankmx and www.willowbankmx.com.au