The Daily Chase release new song/video - Never Change

» Thursday, 16 February 2017 14:07
South Australian Metalcore band The Daily Chase present their new single ‘Never
Change’. The single is the first release since their 2015 debut EP ‘Foundations’.
Never Change features vocals from Jarrod Schilling, of South Aus band ‘Days of Deceit’. TDC
have had a brotherly bond with DOD since the early days of playing Adelaide shows in 2014.
DOD welcomed TDC into the Adelaide scene with open arms and played numerous shows
together. It was only fitting to have Schilling feature on the new single.
Never Change was filmed in the sand dunes of Port Lincoln, South Australia, overlooking the
deep blue ocean horizon. The video was shot the day after their Port Lincoln show with DOD
in Oct 2016. There is also video footage from the bands East Coast tour with DOD, getting
dumped by waves on floating devices. Never Change was shot and produced by the bands
drummer, Ben Heidrich, who switched between camera and drums while on set.