The Show Must Go On

» Sunday, 05 February 2017 07:06

Freerider MX was one of the pioneers of this industry, part of a movement that we've all been involved in and loved for over 15 years.

The opportunity to own and run a piece of FMX history almost 3 years ago was something that childhood dreams were made of! When we found out that the opportunity to take over the brand was on the table, we jumped at it.

Keeping Freerider MX alive and thriving was something that we wanted to ensure happened when we discovered that the previous publishers were going to let it go. It's taken us on one hell of a journey; Monster Energy VIP parties, riding in the hills with legends like Twitch and Doug Parsons, The X Games, given us annual passes to moto parks, plenty of free riding gear and clothing, hangs with some of the most awesome dudes in FMX and action sports, and the list goes on. The journey and the experience has been one to remember.

While it has been an awesome ride and one we'll never forget, we are in a position where we can no longer dedicate the time and resources to running Freerider MX as we would like to. As a brand with diehard fans and a deep-rooted culture, there is certainly an opportunity to make more of it than we have for someone passionate and keen who is interested in taking over the brand and do with it as they please. Whether it's content, products, events, whatever you see fit, Freerider MX, with its strong following makes for a great opportunity to build on.

For us, there are other priorities in each of our lives that we must dedicate our time to which has seen the time invested into Freerider MX dwindle over recent months despite our best intentions, we're sure you've noticed and we apologise.

Letting Freerider MX die defeats the purpose of why we took it over in the first place, so for us to just let it sit while we focus on other aspects of our lives doesn't make sense. This is why we're looking for a new owner (or owners) to take over the brand and will be considering offers over the coming weeks. We are happy to talk through the details and answer any questions you may have regarding the opportunity.

For more information and expressions of interest, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To all the readers, riders, brands and everyone else who has played a hand in Freerider MX over the past 3 years, thank you for your support. It has been truly incredible to see first hand how many people dedicate their lives to this sport.