Jarryd McNeil | Welcome Home

» Monday, 25 July 2016 08:11

Jarryd McNeil has been a fairly permanent fixture in the USA for quite some time now but he has recently made that a bit more official by securing himself a 10 acre slice of Southern California complete with compound and his new home. Jarryd joins the list of FMX riders with a property in Temecula, the hub of freestyle motocross. It's great to see that FMX has put Jarryd in a position to buy property and at just 24, it goes to show what FMX has a great following and atheltes are being rewarded for their work. 

Now lay your eyes on some of these whips.....

Spent a few days with 7 time X-Games medalist out at his new anchorage located in Southern California | Temecula CA | 

Coming off of 2 X-Games golds just as of last month in step up & going back to back 2015-2016 best whip golds. Check out what Jarryd has to offer at his new place!

Film/Edit Jacob Johnson 

Photographer Max Mandell