Fist Handwear | Tom Robinson 'The Smiling Assassin'

» Tuesday, 19 July 2016 15:03

Tom Robinson has been on an incredible charge over the last few months. From showing his skill here in Australian soil to landing himself in the X-Fighters, Tom is only gaining momentum and it is going to be exciting to see him charge forward. 

Fist Handwear owner, Sam Moore, has this to say about Tom:

“Can you help hook up my young FMX ripper Tommy Rob bro, I have already given him some gloves, he is going to be massive and he’s he nicest kid in the world” read a text message from Aussie FMX legend Justin “bushy” Bush.

That is the first I had heard of Tommy Robinson, one of the Fish Fingered FMX crew from NSW, I knew two things immediately, 1: That he was obviously going to be a total ripper of a bloke and 2: that he would shred on a dirt bike.

Fast forward to F1 in Melbourne this year, watching practice I could hear a few industry people who were in early for the event talking, “who’s the kid in the all black? I have got no idea but he is killing it!”

I guess both of those scenarios really describe Tommy well, he is honestly one of the nicest people I have ever met and he lets his riding do the talking. It’s dudes like Tommy that make what we do so worthwhile seeing the #FISTARMY kill it on the world stage is still so surreal to me and that is exactly what Tommy has been doing. Tommy also just competed at X-Fighters in Madrid, landing his new world first body varial now called the “twist top”.

Big things are happening for Tommy and they couldn’t happen to a more deserving legend. I guess you can call this clip a ‘Welcome to the team’ that is 2 years late but hey, good things come to those who wait right?!

Special mention to Benny from Headstrong films for killing it with the edit!

Smash Forth Tommy and thank you for flying the #FISTARMY flag. // #FISTARMY
Tom Robinson the smiling assassin takes to Jackson Strong's compound with an axe just prior to jetting off to Xfighters in Madrid. One of the nicest most genuine legends we have ever met we are super proud to have him flying the flag for the #FISTARMY

Produced By FIST Handwear 

Filmed & Edited by Ben Heidrich / Head Strong Films

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